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  • Minimal budget interior renovation

  • Optimize space

  • Maintain existing openings and plumbing locations

Winnipeg's Smallest House

An interior renovation proposal for a 340 sq. ft. house located in Elmwood, Winnipeg. The existing dwelling is an open concept studio and is currently Winnipeg's Smallest House. The lot is 20' wide x 100' long. The house is approximately 11'6" wide x 30' long.

The property at 442 William Newton Avenue has been listed for sale several times over the past decade. This study was undertaken to determine potential rental income and return on investment for an interior renovation.

The property is currently listed at $109,000.

The building was constructed in 1934 on a partial basement of concrete block and wood structure. Existing exterior materials are vinyl siding, stucco, and shingle roof.


The roofline slightly varies at the rear of the building, which may mean part of the building was an addition to the original structure. The history of the property and building are currently unknown.

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Capsule plan no anno.jpg

site plan, 20' x 100' lot.

surface parking off rear laneway.

Capsule plan anno.jpg

proposed floor plan

interior views

existing photos

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