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  Type_ Competition 

  Host_Storefront Manitoba



  • International design challenge for permanent installations along Winnipeg and Manitoba’s trail systems.

  • An intervention that has the power to bring people together, a place to rest, people watch, and ponder one’s surroundings.

  • Budget (Site #1): $6,500 CAD. 

Tree's Company (Site #1)

What happened to the trees on Graham Avenue’s sidewalk? 

We propose returning the urban site to its former green glory.  

The bench multi-functions as a tree life preserver. Its ring-shape shields the tree from vehicles & road salt. Its articulated surface is a geometric projection of the tree canopy above, and offers a variety of seating options along with sculpted armrests and backrests.


As a reference to the prairie landscape, the bench is milled out of large segments of local Tyndall limestone. 

What better company than a tree? 

Come and sit on on the bench... (Come and sit in the shade) 

Take a seat that is new... (Take a seat around the tree) 

We’ve a loveable space that needs your face, 

Tree’s company, too. 

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