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  Type_ Competition 

  Host_Storefront Manitoba: Cool Gardens  



  • Cool (or cooling) is the overarching theme for the exhibition and competition.

  • Site specific proposals that prompt curiosity, play, and appreciation of urban spaces.

  • Budget: $10,000 CAD. 

The Blue Line

The Blue Line is a topographical drawing brought to life.  


By revealing the space between two contour lines along the river bank, the project makes visible the paradoxical notations of how we quantify and document our natural landscapes. 


A simple low-lying wood platform snakes across a single elevation line, intersecting all pedestrian paths and constructions along the site.

From across the Red River you see a horizontal band of blue along the bank.  


From up on the bridge, one sees an irregular graphic blue shape.


From multiple perspectives, the Blue Line is a minimal-yet-bold graphic statement upon Winnipeg’s riverside landscape.

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