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  • Temporary structures that act as warming stations, gathering places, and inspiration for perspectives on living in a winter climate.

  • Practicality, aesthetically pleasing, modular, and mobile.

  • A specific visual language to communicate physical warmth and draw people in. 


  Host_The Forks - Warming Huts v.2020


The Bleacher Report

The Cheap Seats are a colourful four-sided bleacher that goes where the fun is. Many events occur on the river trail throughout the winter season, and there’s no better place to enjoy them than from The Cheap Seats. The vibrant stadium chairs honour Winnipeg’s dedicated sports culture, and also provide skaters a place to sit and enjoy the winter landscape.

For all you Cheap Seat-ers out there, bundle up and make your way to the heart of the city. Winter has arrived and The Forks is here to offer you non- stop activities throughout the season. But before you brave the elements of dealing with Winnipeg drivers in winter, lets take some time and preach about some events you can watch from your seats:

Frozen Foods

Move over Hungry Man – a new style of frozen dinner is taking over. Raw Almond is a pop-up restaurant that will defrost those taste buds and leave them tingling. Only in Winnipeg will you find some of the finest foods offered from some of the world’s best chefs on a frozen river. “It’s a hot ticket in a cold place but worth every bite” quotes one customer. The food is so good that peoplefinish their leftovers within minutes of leaving. You can tell by a few empty containers hiding within the Cheap Seats bleachers. So come grab a spot at the dinner table before they’re all taken.

Ice Pilots

Arriving on time as scheduled are the Winnipeg Jets hockey club for their annual practice and fan skate. It’s sure to be an action packed day filled with player meet-and- greets, a skills competition, and the scrimmage. So make sure to come on down and support your local favourite – the Cheap Seats are sure to be packed. And come meet some of the players from the newly acquired junior club of the city – the Winnipeg Ice. Some may say they are really in their element out here.

Cool Games

This isn’t your typical board game you find at Grandma’s house. Crokicurl is crokinole BLOWN UP - and on ice. Take your curling skills to a whole new level by taking in winter’s hottest new
sport. The second annual Crokicurl Tournaspiel takes place this year and organizers are excited. “Look out Super Mario – this Super Manitoban game is a smashing hit and has become a staple here at The Forks” quotes one event planner. So make your way down to the Forks to take in the action. And if you don’t want to be a bench warmer in the Cheap Seats – join in on the fun and sign up today. Maybe you could be sliding your way into being the next Crokicurl champion.

Warming Huts

From ice huts to Hot Huts, to ones
that weave and others that wave, to some soaring high to some feeling like you’re sitting in the sky - the skating trail gets a little warmer with these huts each year. This annual tradition is one that has made Winnipeg stand out as
a winter destination city. Not only do the huts serve as a place to stop and warm up – they have become a symbol of city and culture. “They are beacons along the trail for all to enjoy, and a must needed place for those ankle- benders to stop and sit down” quotes one skater. When you come up-close- and-personal you begin to appreciate the creativity and constructibility of each hut; they are magical pieces that enrich the experience of the river trail. As the trail continues to grow and attract more people there will always be need for a cozy place to sit down and take in the sights and sounds of winter in Winnipeg.

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