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  • Activate the dray way for two events hosted by Artspace

  • Installation and removal should be fast and simple

  • Design concepts should relate to the event's theme "Terroir"







Terroir was an installation created for a pair of fundraising events hosted within Artspace's dray way in Winnipeg's Exchange District.


The first event was a ticketed dinner featuring a seasonal and regional menu, while the second was an art lounge/pop-up bar open to the public. Both nights included a local dandelion-inspired beer brewed specifically for the Artspace, inspiring an abstracted "greenhouse" themed installation. 

Terroir is a series of 10 translucent semi-circles made of greenhouse shade cloth which visually overlap as visitors walk down the alleyway, creating a hazy-green moiré effect.

Various yellow flora were planted in the alleyway's nooks and crannies, continuing the urban greenhouse theme.

Terroir is a French term used to describe the environmental factors that affect a crop's phenotype, including unique environment contexts, farming practices and a specific growth habitat. Collectively, these contextual characteristics are said to have a character; terroir also refers to this character.

Special thanks to Eric Plamondon, Mahri White, Kenzie Caldwell and Alyssa Taylor who helped through construction and installation.
Event sponsors: Johnston Group, The Exchange District Biz, Caisse Financial Group, and Videopool Media Arts Centre.
Event partners: 
Nonsuch Brewing Co., and Chef Graham Peltier & the Sous Sol team.


Axonometric diagram illustrating the overlapping effect of the semi-circle layers, and curtains at either end of the alleyway.

Terroir Wide.jpg

The semi-circle shade cloths were installed within the existing pipe framework of the alleyway.

Terroir Event.jpg

A "curtain" was created at the end of the alleyway to separate back-of-house food preparation, and also created interesting silhouettes within the space.

Terroir Detail 2.jpg

View of the moiré effect from the overlapping cloth layers.

Flora 1 bw.jpg
Flora 3 bw.jpg
Flora 2 bw.jpg
Flora 4 bw.jpg

Various flora were planted throughout the alleyway's cracks & crevasses.

Test 1 color.jpg

Above: Testing the fabric's opacity.

Beside: Wood-framed archway mock-up for testing the fabric's strength & scale.

Test 2 Color.jpg
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