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  Type_ Competition 

  Host_Winter Stations  



  • Temporary winter art installations which incorporate existing lifeguard towers

  • The theme of "Beyond the Five Senses" may explore the intersections between senses.

  • Budget: $15,000 CAD. 

Shapes of View

Shapes of View is a playful addition to the winter landscape of Toronto’s East Beaches. Two brightly coloured volumes, a cylinder and rectangular prism, are intersected around the lifeguard stand. On close investigation, visitors will find ladder rungs carved into the cylinder.

Climbing up to the top reveals an embedded slide, a playful descent back down to the sand and snow. Shapes of View aims to appeal to the overlapping sensations of curiosity, play and physical engagement from various distances with the installation.

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Shapes of view plan.jpg
SOV front.jpg
SOV rear.jpg
Shapes of view axo.jpg
SOV side.jpg

I'm in love with the Shapes of View

we climb the tube like a child do

although my friends are sliding too

I'm in love with your play-ing

last week you were just as cool

and now my snow pants glide down you

every day discovering something brand new

I'm in love with your play-ing

winter Ed.png
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