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S.A.S. Graphics

  • A team of two - elected annually by their peers, will be asked to produce posters and/or tickets for all events related to the Students' Architectural Society.

The SAS Graphics team entered a traditionally graphically-refined election race with a humorous twist; using bold, questionably crafted posters (slideshow). This against-the-grain approach foreshadowed a style taken on by the Graphics Team - who ultimately won the faculty-wide election by one vote.


Experimental approaches were undertaken throughout the academic year; some of which included poster "sets", laser-cut and laser-etched tickets, transparent posters, canvas ticket "sets", wearable posters, and surface vinyl applications.


A series of posters were produced for an event referred to as "Buddy BBQ", in which second-year students are anonymously paired up with third-years for a night of literal and figurative barbecuing. These posters were created as a set with multiple iterations of celebrity chefs in awkward poses - foreshadowing a night of fun and outrageousness. By creating a set of posters as opposed to a single design, students were encouraged to discover all of the humorous variations.


Tickets were produced for multiple events, including the Halloween, Holiday Formal, and Valentine's Social. The Halloween Social tickets were produced as a set of six famous architects with removed eyes and added fangs. This set of tickets created a dialogue between students as the tickets were compared and discussed.


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  • The Holiday Social - the most formal S.A.S Event, called for a unique ticket which elicited value to the holder. Laser-cutting and etching were combined to produce a 2"x3" snowflake inspired ticket.

  • The Valentines Social, often called "Robot Love" due to a tradition of robot-themed costumes adorned during the night, lead to the creation of tickets laser-etched with binary code reading "ROBOT LOVE". The task of deciphering the tickets promoted discussion and further investigation from the ticket holders.


  • The year-end "Graffiti Social"  involves the distribution of white shirts and markers, allowing students to make each other a walking yearbook. To describe the theme of the social, the SAS Graphics team used transparent paper to produce the illusion of graffiti-sprayed posters.

John A. Russell Building

Second year Studio

Architecture II Building

2014-2015 CAMPAIGN

     Following the 2013-2014 academic year, the S.A.S. Graphics team opted to enter the elections in an effort to be chosen for a second term. A series of vinyl applications were produced and installed in the entryways of all three buildings containing design studios. The specific placement of these electoral graphics made them unique and unavoidable, and lead to re-election of the S.A.S. Graphics team.

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