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   Host_University of Manitoba "Container"   



  • A multifunctional "Container".

  • Must be constructed from one 1m x 1m sheet of either plastic, wood, or metal.

  • The project must be easily communicable for an external fabricator.

Pellucid Rachis

     The project was an exploration in creating minimally sized furniture that maintains purpose and functionality in the design. Studying typical household furniture dimensions and the ergonomics of the human body allowed for the understanding of how we interact with furniture.



     The table was shaped to provide a different usable purpose on each of its three sides. By rotating the object a new function is revealed. A twist in the structure created for the surfaces to form towards the user, while obstructing the user's feet in the sitting position.



     Transparent acrylic was CNC cut and heat bent into shape. A thin strip of paint accentuates the rib-shaped structural member. Parts of the surface were buffed to a dull finish revealing specific areas of use on each part.

 /puh-loo-sid/  [adverb]

/rey-kis/  [noun]


1. allowing the maximum passage of light, as glass; translucent.

2. the main axis or shaft.


above_ CNC milled acrylic pieces

right_ void holes for potential pen/pencil storage



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