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  Host_The Forks 



  • Temporary structures that act as warming stations, gathering places, and inspiration for perspectives on living in our winter climate.

  • Practicality, aesthetically pleasing, modular, and mobile. 

  • A specific visual language to communicate physical warmth and draw people in. 

One Grate City!

What if at the intersection of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers there was another intersection... Portage and Main?


One Grate City! is a scaled down interpretation of Winnipeg’s downtown core, allowing skaters to pass between Portage Avenue’s towers and sit atop the buildings on Main Street. The Mini-peg structures are constructed of durable metal grate material creating familiar, yet blurry, translucent and light forms amongst the winter river-scape. 


One Grate City! provides an opportunity to experience and explore iconic areas of Winnipeg from a new perspective while also having a place to rest along the River Trail. 

Winnipeg is home to a wide variety of building forms and scales. Now miniaturized, the iconic towers of Portage and Main create a tall focal point for visitors to meet and skate beside. The neighboring mid-size buildings that flank the core streets become a mixture of furnishings for all to sit, lean and play on.

Expanded metal grate is lightweight, easily transportable and limits the construction processes to a single trade’s skillset. The material is bent, folded, cut and welded into simple shapes and mounted along the frozen skating trail, forming a simple but recognizable version of Winnipeg’s city-scape.

We can’t cross Portage and Main by foot, but now we can skate it!

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