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    Host_University of Manitoba + STUFF Group  



  • To design a BEE HOUSE PROTOTYPE that explores the space-form-habitat relationship of urban/campus bee habitat.

  • A prototype that can be fabricated and deployed for field testing.

  • 20 cubic cm maximum, supported on 100cm tall wood stake, 80-100 bee holes (10cm deep), constructed of wood or plastic.

[2nd Place, built summer 2016}

"Not The Bees"

 A narrative exploration of the socio-cultural relationship between Nicolas Kim Coppola and contemporary bee degradation.

We propose a design for a contemporary bee inhabitation that reflects the socio-cultural references and implications of the time. Drawing on historical and current events in the pop-culture realm, we can extrapolate a unique dichotomy between several seemingly unconnected positions. By understanding the fragile and intricate natures of the honey-producing bee, along with socio-historical overlaps, new considerations for controlled inhabitations can be explored. 

Overlaying an ongoing pop-cultural narrative with the timeline of the past century’s bee extinction scare reveals a new and formally appropriate manifestation of our culture’s influence on Anthophilia. Our design rejects the notion that form may follow function; instead form will follow pop-historical flux.

section of Nic Coppola Anthophilia residence, displaying interior infrastructure

Post-aCoppolyptic Anthophilia residence, victim of arson

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