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  • To increase public awareness of gardening spaces and design.

  • To allow for gardening in small spaces with greater yields + food security.

  • Lifespan: 2-5 years. Must be accessible for planting maintenance.

  • Budget: $1000 CAD.  Permitted Size: 108 square feet.


    Host_Gardens Manitoba + StorefrontMB 




  (built July 2018, vandalized and demolished July 2018) 

Moist Club 

A recycled foam mass provides a light and malleable

infrastructure for plant growth.

The mass captures rainfall and absorbs the warmth of sunlight - an ideal environment for plants to grow within and upon.

The saturated room has swiss-carved openings, operating as

windows, doors, and moist pots.


Here form does not follow function, form follows photosynthetic growth.

we aim to encourage a slow culture; slow food

- a slow message.

medium as message. message as slow.

cheese as slow. slow as icon?

icon as sponge. sponge as moisture.

moisture as nutrition. nutrition as process. process as growth.

growth as room.

sponge as room.

Special thanks to Carson Wiebe, Samuel Joyal, Jeremy Wall and Perry Taylor for their help during construction.

moist elevation low.jpg
Moist Angle.jpg
inside moist club.jpeg
moist detail.jpg

The project is 100% upcycled and recyclable through the use of solely one material - rebond foam, formed from recycled chipped polyurethane foam. This recycled foam is compressed for maximum density and weighs 6lb/cu.ft.

To minimize Moist Club’s ecological footprint, a local foam supplier shall be approached to supply the materials.

Moist Club embodies the notion of foamy object as monument and analogy to processes of time, tradition, and food preparation.

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