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projector architecture thesis ottawa carleton university matt hagen maters


    Carleton University - Master of Architecture Thesis  



  • 8-month research project

  • 15,000 word document and a full set of design images

  • “Performance” themed research studio entitled “Scripting Participatory Event-Space: Architecture and its Double.”

Other Architecture For Uplifting Gormandizers

The term “underground” is used to describe a group or movement which explores alternative lifestyles or forms of artistic expression. At a moment when Ottawa’s music scene is thriving, several underground venues have closed down.

This thesis questions how an architect can covertly assist the underground performance scene without compromising its do-it-yourself (DIY) ideology.

As the practice of architecture currently exists within the boundaries of clients, budgets, and codes, it can only host the underground illicitly. However, this thesis proposes “other” architecture - venues for the underground that are hidden in plain sight.

The thesis focuses on using a partially-collapsed building's history of neglect as a form of punk camouflage for DIY performances. A (seemingly) straightforward renovation was proposed to reopen the collapsed building.

A series of Janus-faced drawings were produced to covertly describe how a performance space could be built using construction frameworks during the renovation phase.

*Gormandizer: Noun.  Usually means a ravenous eater of food, but according to unconfirmed sources it means a voracious eater of music.

Part of the name of the legendary CBGB Club in NYC.

section model.jpg
rendering hole.jpg
exterior model shot.jpg
1F plan.jpg
2F plan.jpg
section rendered.jpg
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