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     How can a structure be versatile both in function and form, while responding to the spatial requirements of the inhabitants? Through the development of a minimal structure which can be pivoted on a singular vertical axis, Lisbon’s open space is engaged but not intruded upon. Occupying a mere 230m2  footprint, the structure acts as a spatial tool when pivoted open - engaging 590m2  of opportunity for the community.



     The structure allows for a variety of local community events and defines a public plaza with its beacon-like canopy. When the structure is closed, a helix staircase in the axis becomes usable as the stairs pivot with the structure. The ephemeral staircase reveals a more private second floor for events, covered by a sheltered canopy formed by the overhead fins which mimic the pivoting staircase. Angular tips allow for the structure’s radius to gently fit within the existing space between heritage buildings, and provide an ocean-oriented viewing terrace with panoramic views to the Lisbon cityscape.

  • A polyvalent pavillion with potential for multiple uses.

  • A structure which respects the existing heritage buildings and interacts and engages with the local people.

  • 600m2  footprint, flexible with an ability to host various different events and exhibitions.

  • Contextural relevance to the nearby surroundings.

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Lisbon Open Room


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